Allbet官网(, Ericsson make first high-definition voice call over Malaysia's 5G network

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KUALA LUMPUR: Digital Nasional Bhd (DNB) and Ericsson hit a technical milestone as it recently conducted the first 5G Voice over New Radio (VoNR) call in Malaysia over a live 5G network.

In a statement, Ericsson said the call demonstrates the ability of the DNB network to support both 5G non-standalone and standalone architectures.

VoNR utilises DNB’s 5G network SA architecture to offer end users a high-definition, audio-video experience thanks to ultrafast 5G speeds throughout the duration of the calls.

VoNR is also expected to generate new revenue opportunities among MNOs with ready 5G Cores.

Ericsson said the calls over the live network were made using OPPO Find X3 Pro phones.

It added that VoN-compatible devices will no longer be handed over to the 4G network for calls, which will significantly reduce network switching for devices on the 5G network.

According to Ericsson, 5G radio will enable improved voice and communication services, such as network-efficient video calling, real-time interaction and further evolution of voice calls into rich, innovative communication services.

It said these services can utilise the high data speeds and low latency of 5G, to enable new real-time voice and communication use cases between humans, or between humans and machines; for example, interactive calling, augmented reality, virtual reality and other services.

In addition, increased capacity for voice and video is also achieved because of more voice and video calls per cell in dense city areas

"5G VoNR can be a key enabler of next generation immersive applications that combine 5G speeds and high-definition audio. We will continue to deliver 5G capabilities to support technology innovation in Malaysia," said DNB chief technology officer Ken Tan in the statement.

Head of Ericsson Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh David Hagerbro added that 5G VoNR calls are a basic capability needed for future Standalone New Radio (SA NR) 5G deployments and will allow innovative services to be offered in the market.



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